One or more good #intentions
Abundant amounts of useful #presuppositions
Adequate #frames
Lots of #pacing and a sufficient amount of #leading
For long durability, add #congruence over time


Start out with one or more common #intentions: What do you desire to achieve as a team? When you have met your goals, what will be the results? Taste the common #intentions during the process: enjoy clarifying and exploring them and extract energy and common direction.

Sort your #presuppositions regarding your co-workers and their motivation. Choose the #presuppositions that speed up the work and disregard those that prevent co-worker motivation.

Add lots of #pacing. Establish contact and trust with your co-workers and within your team.

Add a sufficient amount of #leading, lead and let your co-workers lead you too so that you are making desired progress.

Add #congruence by ensuring that the #intentions, #presuppositions, #frames and what you actually do are consistent over time. Adapt any of these ingredients whenever necessary.

NB1: Avoid the following ingredients as they will undermine your good #intentions and create distrust.

  • Lack of #I//you-sorting,
  • Mis#pacing – the opposite of #pacing
  • Mis#leading – the opposite of #leading
  • #incongruence – lack of consistency between the ingredients or over time

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Framework for communication and change

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