A good #intention
Several useful #presuppositions
Appropriate #frames
Several alternatives for how to fulfil the #intention, ref #right//#left
One check of #congruence
At least one #anchor to resources
Lots of self- #pacing and a sufficient amount of self-#leading
Trust in your #subconscious resources
For long durability: add #congruence over time


Clarify your #intention: What do you desire? When you have succeeded, what will the end result be?

Investigate and sort your #presuppositions concerning the change you seek: Choose those that help you succeed and deselect the ones that will obstruct you.

Adapt the #frames to help you succeed, e.g. by removing any «temptations» or allocating time to do any necessary actions.

Find multiple options for what you can do to succeed, ref #right//#left. Choose the options that will serve you the best.

Add a check of #congruence to verify whether you will actually carry out what you decided. If the answer is «no», adapt your selection of options until you agree with yourself…

Establish an #anchor to remind you of the change you want to achieve.

Mix with lots of self-#pacing – team up with yourself and accept yourself and your experiences during the process. Add a sufficient amount of self-#leading to ensure that you keep up your change work.

Add a large amount of trust in your #subconscious resources: You have access to everything you need – and everything will be OK.

Add #congruence over time by repeating this recipe when necessary.


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