Did you notice that the #ingredients in recipes are used repeatedly? Make sure you have the basic communication skill #ingredients readily available – to be able to create what you want:

  1. #VAK and #words and #submodalities – be aware of and able to describe visual, auditory and kinaesthetic experiences
  2. #anchors and #anchoring – be able to connect information and create the states you choose
  3. #intentions – be aware of and able to clarify what you and others desire to achieve and use this as a starting point to find effective and efficient alternatives
  4. #frames – be aware of and able to define and adapt frames that contribute to you and others fulfilling your #intentions
  5. #presuppositions – be aware of and able to adapt what you and others take for granted in order to support what you and others want to achieve
  6. #pacing and #leading – be able to establish contact and trust before you lead the way
  7. #pattern interruption – be able to break patterns when the situation seems stuck
  8. #congruence and #incongruence – be able to detect whenever the different ingredients in the communication are inconsistent and use what you discover for growth and development
  9. #strategies – be able to #consciously select and adapt patterns of behaviour
  10. #signatures – be aware of how parts of the communication repeats,what the results are and be able to choose what works
  11. #languagepatterns – be able to use your language related to the different #ingredients with awareness
  12. #I//#you – be aware of the boundaries between you and others
  13. #past//#present//#future – be aware of which tense attracts your attention and select the perspective which serves you better depending on context
  14. #right//#left – choose between displaying and gathering information quickly and intuitively with a broad perspective vs slower, logical and with a focused perspective
  15. #upper//#lower – be aware and choose whether to direct your attention to thinking, planning and talking about it vs actually doing and executing
  16. #external//#internal – choose whether to gather information from your surroundings or yourself
  17. #front//#back – choose whether to be attentive to image or content
  18. #associated//#dissociated – choose whether to display or gather information from an overly engaged vs distance perspective
  19. #1.//#2.//#3. order – be aware of whether you want to display or gather information from behaviour (#1. order), what you or others desire to achieve (#2. order) or frame conditions or what is taken for granted (#3. order)
  20. #conscious//#subconscious – be able to direct your attention and flexibly gather information from the #subconscious

Best of luck with your conscious choices and creations!

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