About XLO Change Academy

We who are affiliated with XLO Change Academy want to contribute to

Competence and Awareness for a Better World

What characterises a better world for you?
Important keywords for us are respect, acceptance, openness, insight, holistic perspective, safe space, freedom and trust.

Our values:

  • Inspiration and sharing: We inspire and share with each other, our customers and surroundings. Our sharing adds value for everyone.
  • Generosity: We appreciate everyone’s success and contribute when we can.
  • Development-oriented: We are curious and explore what is possible.

We build our products and services on a framework for communication and change processes.

Who we are

At XLO Change Academy, we gather skilled course instructors and consultants who both have specialist expertise in change and development processes as well as communication skills. Because we think this particular combination gives the best and most effective results.

Monika L. Eknes
Monika L. Eknes
Monika L. Eknes is passionate about creating respect between people. She holds a Ph.D. in engineering and has 25+ years of experience as a researcher, manager and consultant. She has worked with eg. security, risk management, entrepreneurship, product development and training activities. She co-authored the book “GPS for change management”, Fagbokforlaget 2016.

+47 916 57 123

Beate Lofseik
Beate Lofseik
Beate Lofseik is passionate about equipping anyone who wants to contribute to a better world with effective tools to succeed. She has more than 25 years of broad work experience, including communication, management, digital development, coaching, guidance and as course instructor.

+47 481 28 046

Irene M. Rendedal
Irene M. Rendedal
Irene M. Rendedal is passionate about knowledge and expertise that help children and young people get optimal help and support to develop their potential. She has work experience from both kindergarten and school. Irene holds a degree in HR management and child psychology and further education in communication.

+47 952 82 145

Per Ellev Tomasgård
Per Ellev Tomasgård
Per Ellev Tomasgård is a computer engineer. He has 30 years of experience, mainly from the IT industry, as software developer, database designer, entrepreneur, advisor, lecturer, manager and seller. He has worked extensively with the relation between human, organisation and IT technology and the facilitation of work processes. He is also a meditation teacher and in recent years has worked to unite business with humanity.

+47 971 27 798

Beate Nordby
Beate Nordby
Beate Nordby has extensive experience as a coach for people in different phases of change processes. She also has extensive experience with recruitment and sales. She has a varied education that includes basic subjects in philosophy and psychology, intermediate courses in general literature as well as mime school and an education as actor.

+47 975 09 021

Tom Isaksen
Tom Isaksen
Tom Isaksen has broad academic education including an MBA. He has varied management experience, including as HR manager in a company with 1,500 employees. In total, he has over 25 years of experience in areas such as; change management, competence development, innovation, business development, marketing and sales. 5 years of international experience. Media experience from TV2 and P4. Has trained / coached over 2,500 people within: change management, goal management, communication and sales.

+47 992 95 923

Linda Nilsson
Linda is passionate about contributing to improvements for thriving, sustainable organizations!

She has 20 years of work experience with Organization Development. Roles have been Environmental Manager, Consultant, Health & Safety Leader and Lead Auditor. First within the Automotive Industry and later for a large width of organizations. She is also qualified Lead Auditor and do external audits according ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) and ISO 45001/OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Mangement Systems).

She founded Disciplinda 2010 and is working with development of groups, organizations and Management Systems.