Everything is communication

Action and reaction, approval and disapproval, understanding and misunderstanding, trust and mistrust, agreement and disagreement, difference and indifference.

Everything we do, everything we experience and everything we believe, requires communication.

And yet many are unaware of what communication consists of – and have a more or less functional toolbox for communicating effectively.

Through a simple and concise framework, you can learn basic patterns and elements – the building blocks – of communication and improvement. This enhances not only understanding, but also your flexibility in consciously choosing more constructive approaches to create the results you want.

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Excellō (= XLO)

Excello means “I rise, elevate myself“. You probably know the words excel and excellence – both are derived from the Latin word excello. Other words to lift are development, change and improvement.

XLO is a summary, a simplification that retains the essence, of the word excello. Because with XLO, we wanted to make everything we had learned and experienced about change easily accessible. The greatest possible competence, in the shortest possible time and with the greatest amount of fun has been the goal and motivation from the start. So that you, your team and your business can rise to unprecedented heights.

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What’s in it for you?

  • Greater flexibility in the use of methods and models – faster to learn new and combine
  • Easier to communicate across disciplines
  • Concrete tools for «soft-skills»
  • Increased awareness of resources and opportunities increases the likelihood of success
  • Easier to recognize patterns, extract essence and distinguish the essential from the insignificant
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“Thank you for making it so easy”

Our goal is to provide courses, workshops and advice that provide the most expertise, in the shortest possible time and with lots of fun.

“Fun with practical knowledge

“In Brainwells, we are always committed to acquiring new knowledge. Unfortunately, hectic days make for limited time. Therefore, the intro course with XLO was ideal for us. In retrospect, we see that what we learnt is useful on many levels, and we believe that anyone who works in teams or at the interpersonal level will have both great benefit and pleasure from taking this course.”Kristine Maudal, partner, Brainwells

XLO Change Academy tailor designed a training day for us where we were given access to seven specific communication tools. We used the tools in context with our own work experiences to train and reflect on “soft skills”. I have only received positive feedback from the participants, and I feel that we have increased our awareness of both internal and external communication.

Senior Principal Specialist, DNV GL - Oil & Gas Norway

You are constantly mentioned and talked about after your visit. We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful workshop and project you delivered. We have managed to implement the results in the management groups, staff meetings and even in the board!

Rune Zeylon, HjartdalBanken

Very interesting, diverse, thorough, structured, exciting, fun, easy to understand and educational. :-)

Student , online course
Very important material that many more should know about. Highly recommended!
Workshop participant

Tips and inspiration: Communication that creates change

Are you looking for specific tips, recipes for success and examples from everyday life? The blog archive abounds with recognisable dilemmas and solutions for your professional and private life.

Recipe: Change

Ingredients A good #intention Several useful #presuppositions Appropriate #frames Several alternatives for how to fulfil the #intention, ref #right//#left One [...]

Recipe: Motivated co-workers

Ingredients One or more good #intentions Abundant amounts of useful #presuppositions Adequate #frames Lots of #pacing and a sufficient amount [...]

Recipe: Basic ingredients

Did you notice that the #ingredients in recipes are used repeatedly? Make sure you have the basic communication skill #ingredients [...]

Recipe: Respectful feedback

Ingredients At least one good #intention A huge amount of attention, ref #conscious//#subconscious, to Behaviour, ref #VAK and #submodalities #intentions [...]

Recipe: How to handle Conflict

Ingredients Attention to #logical levels Flexible access to an #associated and #dissociated perspective #conscious #presuppositions Abundant amounts of #I//you-sorting At [...]

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